When in doubt...?

We will be updating this section to answer player questions and to clarify rules if needed, but if you're not in front of a computer, when in doubt, go by what is in the Rules book.

Was the wandering track section supposed to say 'At the start of each Wandering Track phase'? And therefore the Monster Phase would go Monster Movement, Monster Combat, Resolve Wandering Track?

At the start of the phase is correct

If a monster is released from the wandering track into an unexplored hallway, does it move towards the players during the monster movement phase?

Yes, this is correct.

Can players shoot at range into hallways that are not explored if there is for example a released monster from the wandering track located in that hallway?

You can fire at the monsters even if the hall section is unexplored. Exploration more refers to examining room doors as opposed to not knowing there is a hall there.

In regards to room functions with Monster Spawns, are these spawns that the players can trigger optionally, or are these supposed to trigger in some other fashion?

The stated room spawn is in addition to the normal room spawn. And occurs at the same time as the regular room spawn. There is no optional about it.

During the looting phase, is there a limit to how much loot a single player can acquire? I assume the limiting factor here is the item limit on each character.

Yes, the player's carry limit is their loot limit.

For the purpose of trading items during the special phase, do ammo and food tracked on the player screens count as items?

You cannot trade from your track. Ammo from the track CAN be looted from a dead player though.

KICKSTARTER BONUS FIGURES - Are the mercenary and warrior characters supposed to count as two characters for the sake of balance / playing with less than 4 people?

No, they just take up two spots. For example, if either goes into a room, which has four spots, they take up two (and will draw the attention of monsters fixated on those spots accordingly), and two of the smaller characters can join them if they want. If both went in, they it's just the two if them in the room.

Does stun go away?

At the end of the next combat round. So say you enter a room and are fighting, and you get stunned on your turn. You are stunned for the next turn in the fight, then it clears.

What happens to the wandering track when moving to a new floor?

The idea is you leave a floor, all those monsters are left behind, and a new track is started from scratch (meaning there's some build up time again before they're near enough to pop out at you).

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